56 years of history

The years go by and the generations succeed each other with the same passion for their job and a shared concern to meet their clients’ needs.

Founded by Adrien and André Ménart in 1961, the company has gradually transformed into a development centre, equipping itself with a 7500m² production factory in order to meet  present-day and future issues.

With world-wide recognised know-how, Ménart equipment is exported throughout the five continents.

Since the construction of the first organic waste shredder in 1983 and the first exportation, the Ménart Company has not ceased to supply environmental actors with specific material and to reinforce its presence on the international scene, and notably in emerging markets.

Key dates


The Ménart Company is created by Adrien and André Ménart. The company concentrates on the sales and repairs of agricultural machines for the local market.


Ménart starts the importation into Belgium of machines for the maintenance of green spaces, forests and roadsides.


Jean-Claude Ménart, an industrial engineer specialised in electro-mechanics, joins the family business and launches the first technical development steps.


Ménart builds its first organic waste shredder based on a manure spreader and later creates its first 100% homemade model.


Ménart starts exporting its shredders to France. Very quickly Ménart’s exportations multiply, most notably to Holland.

The company receives special mention at the Grand Prix de l’Innovation in the Grand Duché du Luxembourg.


Ménart moves to its new site in Montroeul-au-Bois and employs its first agronomistin order to advise clients about compost solutions for organic waste.


Ménart expands its range of compost products with its drum screen.

The company hires an additional agronomist and introduces the DAO-CAO.

Ménart S.A.R.L. is created in France.

Ménart develops its exportation activities (Germany, Switzerland, The Congo, Indonesia,…)


Ménart opens to the American Market via Quebec and develops a specialised drum for earth de-pollution for the company Watco (Belgium).


Ménart creates its first windrow-turner, which receives a prize at the Agribex fair in Brussells as well as a special mention at the SIMA in Paris.

And tomorrow...

Ménart intends to become one of the world’s references in the field of waste solutions and waste treatment equipment…