Aware of the risks of nitrate pollution, livestock breeders and farmers are looking for solutions in order to enhance their liquid and solid effluents.

MENART is ever present for:

New legislations and market laws demand that food-processing industries review their production techniques and face up to the following obligations:

Green waste is organic waste collected after cleaning open green spaces, recreational zones, private gardens, greenhouses, sports fields, roads,…

MENART develops tailor-made industrial projects for local councils (or regional groups) wanting to set up a tri-composting factory for urban waste.

Material sorting and preparation is essential for effective product valorisation.

Recognised for the durability and longevity of its equipment, MENART is sought after by petroleum groups and other specialised companies.

In order to meet new environmental demands, MENART offers equipment for:

Town development provokes an increase in the number of used-water treatment sites. In turn, these factories generate silt which must be treated.

Therefore, MENART develops and equips silt treatment purification stations with: